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Join an extraordinary Christ-centered early learning community 
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Your child is developing now.

Early development propels future development. Don't put it off.
Selah Early Learning Academy has everything to help your child transition into Kindergarten and grow a passion for learning through a Christian worldview.

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Daily Benefits

Prepare Your Child Through

Dedicated teachers so your child will get the attention they deserve.
Christ-Centered Curriculum so your child will learn about Jesus, practice loving others and discover what it means to care for His world.
Hands-On Activities so your child will learn by doing.
Nurturing Relationships so your child can practice social and emotional skills with their teachers and peers in a safe environment.
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Teacher child identifying Selah Christian Preschool Bozeman MT
Kids raising hands Selah Christian Preschool Bozeman MT
Life-long Benefits

See your child Develop

A Passion for Life-Long Learning which will help your child to be engaged, stay connected and succeed in Kindergarten and the years to come.
Social Skills allowing your child to flourish in community and gain confidence in themselves propelling them to positive experiences later in life.
Emotional Awareness as they problem solve with other students and teachers allowing them to deal with concepts such as taking turns, obeying school rules, paying attention and loving our neighbor.
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We care about our students and work hard to build relationships with our families.
Experienced & caring teachers
Developmentally appropriate lessons
Commitment to health & safety
Selah Programs

Every child deserves a life-changing preschool experience

Sparrow Class

Preschool Program

Selah Academy is a christian preschool in Bozeman MT
2 Days/Week
Ages: 3's & 4's
Students must be 3 years old by September 1
Play-based Learning
Biannual Assessments
2 Scheduled Parent/Teacher Meetings
and Daily Support
Sparrow Class

Preschool Program

Preschool children raising their hand at school in Bozeman
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
3 Days/Week
Ages: 3's & 4's
Students are turning 4 during the school year
Play-based Learning
Biannual Assessments
2 Scheduled Parent/Teacher Meetings
and Daily Support
Owl Class

K-Readiness Program

Bozeman Christian preschool children dancing in class
Monday – Friday
3–5 Days/Week
Age: Older 4's & 5's
Students are 5 or are turning 5 during the school year
Kindergarten Readiness
Biannual assessments
2 Scheduled Parent/Teacher Meetings
and Daily Support
K–Readiness Online

Chickadees Online

Ages 4-5
3 Days/Week
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Digital format K-Readiness lessons emailed to you
Professionally prepared resources mailed to your home regularly
Support from teachers through Google Classroom
Explore Selah Online

Give Your Child The Gift of Learning

Tour Selah
Come see the facility, meet the staff, and see the learning in action.
Complete the Forms
On the tour you will be provided with all the forms necessary to enroll your child at Selah. View all forms.
Pay the Enrollment Fee
The enrollment fee secures your child's spot for the upcoming school year.
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Why Choose Selah Early Learning Academy?

We understand that finding the right preschool for your child might be a difficult process. No matter where you are in the search for a great learning environment, we are here to guide you through the process and help you discover if Selah is the best fit for your child.

Selah Early Learning Academy serves families by offering a nurturing and engaging environment for your preschool child in a Christ-centered community. Our goal is to equip students with a passion for lifelong learning and the confidence to transition into Kindergarten.

How do I know what preschool class to enroll my child in?
Let our expertise on early childhood education guide you in the right placement for your child. As a rule, we always tell parents to look at when they would like to enroll their child in Kindergarten and then work backwards. Birthdate and social/emotional readiness are big factors in placing children in the right classroom environment.

Scholarships Available.
You can’t put a price on investing in your child’s future. There are so many wonderful benefits your child will receive in a Christ-centered, hands-on preschool that is committed to building relationships. The return on your investment is a well rounded, socially and emotionally grounded child who loves learning and can confidently transition into Kindergarten.

Selah grants numerous scholarships for families that need a little help paying for tuition. We feel strongly that the experience of a preschool education at Selah provides many positive benefits and life lessons for children to become successful learners and that money should never be a reason why someone can or cannot enroll. Please ask us about out tuition scholarship application today!

What to Expect at Selah
  • Traditional in-class preschool with face to face instruction
  • Play-based learning
  • Practice social/emotional skills with peers
  • Hands-on education
  • Build community/ make friends
  • Weekly schedule with consistent routine
  • Firm class time
  • Less parent involvement with instruction
  • Parent/Teacher conferences and teacher support
  • Assessments twice a year
Our Values

Selah values Christ-centered, hands-on education with a relational focus.

Our Mission

We bring joy and fulfillment to families looking for community by providing a quality, Christ-centered preschool education for their child.


Community Stories

We've served over 200 kids from 160 families in Bozeman since 2013.
  • Selah Academy is a christian preschool in Bozeman MT
    "Selah Early Learning Academy exceeded our expectations for preschool! ...It is reassuring to know that our child is learning biblical truths while at school."
  • Nicole H Selah Christian Preschool Bozeman MT
    "I was hesitant to put my twin boys in school because they were still a little young. But I can honestly say, I am so thankful we did! We have been so blessed by the teachers and staff. We highly recommend!!"
  • Mom of preschooler at Selah Christian preschool in Bozeman
    "Selah is a dream come true for a parent who wants their child taught in a supportive, loving environment. My shy little boy has never NOT wanted to go to school here! I am very grateful to have found Selah."
  • Angela J Testimonial Selah Christian Preschool Bozeman
    "Love all the teachers and the director is fabulous!!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Also View Our Why Selah? Page

Help! I'm looking for a quality, Biblically-based preschool for my child?

We believe that families are looking for a Christ-centered preschool where their kids develop a passion for learning and establish the skills needed to make a smooth transition into kindergarten. Don’t put off enrolling your child at Selah! Early development propels future development.

At Selah, your child will get the attention they deserve and learn in a hands-on environment where they are constantly engaged. As a parent, you will bring home children who are happy, inspired, and fulfilled.

When you leave your child with us, you know your child will be in a nurturing and engaging Christ-centered community so that you can feel confident and assured that they are getting a quality preschool education.

What is our learning philosophy?

Children learn best through hands-on experiences with people, materials, events, and ideas. Hands-on learning experiences, both indoors and out, encourage preschoolers to interact with their peers, which promote social and emotional development.

We encourage our students to:
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Share
  • Problem solve
  • Communicate one’s feelings appropriately

Are there scholarships available?

How will students and parents be cared for?

Jesus calls us to love with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. He said it that way because he wants us to connect our minds with every part of our being. Learners are whole people and that is why we have lessons that touch the heart, mind, body, and spirit of the child. Students should be treated with respect and kindness. Parents will get the support and training they need in order to successfully guide their child in the learning process. Selah teachers will be available to give personalized feedback, text messages, phone calls, and emails to communicate with parents and caregivers.

How do our students learn?

Selah’s students learn through exploration of a study, whether it may be the human body, dinosaurs, or the changing seasons. Our studies are school-wide and are determined by the interest/abilities of the students, teachers and upcoming events. Selah staff will lead the students through the following 3 Stages of Learning:
  1. Discovery: Introduction to study, skill or objective… All together!
  2. Exploration: Student led, hands-on experiences of study… With help!
  3. Application: Integrating concept into real life… On their own!

How will preschool prepare my child for Kindergarten?

Our quality preschool will help your child learn the academic and social/emotional skills necessary to give them a successful start to kindergarten. Twice a year we formally assess our students' progress and ensure that we are addressing the MT Early Childhood Education Standards in our learning. We have defined curriculum with structured lesson plans in which our teachers plan developmentally appropriate and diverse activities with nine objectives in mind.

Our 9 Developmental Objectives are:
  • Cognitive Development
  • Literacy Development
  • Language & Writing
  • Mathematic Development
  • Creative Development
  • Science & Natural Development
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Spiritual Development

Using these objectives, we plan regular “checkpoints” of your child’s progress and make sure that they are meeting the benchmarks necessary for success.

What will the classroom environment feel like?

Current early childhood research indicates the great influence a child’s environment has on their learning, development and creativity. Selah’s vision for your child’s learning environment is that the classroom feels:
  • Encouraging: We implement a safe classroom environment where kids are inspired to be the unique child God has created them to be.
  • Nurturing: We hire dedicated teachers who are compassionate and caring toward the students and help them develop sound social/ emotional skills.
  • Engaging: We provide hands-on centers and educational activities for different learning styles, giving students the necessary tools to learn and grow.
  • Inspiring: We have teachers that practice the characteristics of a successful learner and strengthen creative expression and exploration in your child.

What curriculum does Selah use in the classroom?

Selah is passionate about staying current with the best teaching methodology for young children and has spent extensive time researching curriculum.
  • The Beginner’s Bible:
    Full of faith and fun, The Beginner's Bible is a wonderful gift for any child. The easy-to-read text and bright, full-color illustrations on every page make it a perfect way to introduce young children to the stories and characters of the Bible.

  • Learning Without Tears:
    The Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum draws from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multisensory strategies for early writing. The program follows research of how children learn best and includes materials that address all styles of learning.

  • Zoo Phonics Curriculum:
    “This is a well-crafted Language Arts program that works for all children.” Zoo-phonics, with its cast of child-pleasing Animal Characters, has made a dramatic impact on the beginning reading program at our school. Three, four, and five-year-old students are sounding letters, blending letters, building words and reading. It is delightful to see and hear the students as they internalize the sound-letter relationship in a natural, fun way.

What is the difference between Selah At School and Selah Online?

Parents and students have a chance to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic by having convenient online access to a quality, Christ-centered, hands-on preschool education.

Selah At School vs. Selah Online
Both classes with Selah At School and Selah Online will have the same values- a Christ-centered, hands-on education with a relational focus. They both will use the same curriculum, have a similar scope and sequence (studies) and the same standards.

Selah At School
  • Traditional in-class preschool with face to face instruction
  • Play-based learning
  • Practice social/emotional skills with peers
  • Hands-on education
  • Build community/ make friends
  • Weekly schedule with consistent routine
  • Firm class time
  • Less parent involvement with instruction
  • Parent/Teacher conferences and teacher support
  • Assessments twice a year
Selah Online
  • Virtual preschool with face to face video instruction
  • Practice social/emotional skills outside the classroom
  • Hands-on education
  • Build community/make friends through Google Classroom and Facebook
  • Weekly schedule with consistent routine
  • Flexible, convenient class time
  • More parent involvement with instruction
  • Virtual support from teachers

What is the goal in our Christ-centered learning environment?

We want to show our students who Jesus is, give them an opportunity to serve their neighbor and learn how to care for God’s creation.

What does Christ-centered education look like?

Christ-centered education starts with God’s relational design for his world and his people. It morns sin and helps us to see how every area of life is broken and calling out for Christ’s healing and renewal. Parents and students will see God-honoring excellence through creative teaching methods, delightful course activities, an imaginative learning environment and high expectations for learning.

How will my student be challenged and changed?

There is much more to a Christ-centered preschool education than delivering facts and training skills. Christ followers are called to be transformed (Romans 12:2). Christ-centered education should inspire and equip learners to think and live differently. Students will be inspired to use what they learn so that they can be the hands and feet of Jesus in their home, church and community.

How does tuition work?

Invoices are emailed prior to the coming month and tuition is due on the 5th of each month. Selah cannot credit tuition for class time missed due to illness, vacation, holidays, or scheduled closures. For tuition that is paid in full a 5% tuition credit will be applied to the total amount.

Please schedule a tour for full details regarding our Tuition & Fee Schedule.
Selah has an open enrollment policy and as long as there is room in our classes, your child can join anytime.
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Every child deserves a life-changing preschool experience.

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Selah Early Learning Academy
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